A Pre-Published Author’s Site (+ Mini Drama Reviews)

Creating my author’s website took some thought. Published authors generally center their website on their published works, but of course I’m not published yet, so the question was what’s my content?

Perhaps I’m starting in the wrong place. More importantly than “what should my site have on it” is the question “why have one at all?” The answer to that is fairly simple. From what I understand, an author’s site serves as a sort of place for potential agents/publishers, etc. to get a feel about who you are and how dedicated you are to becoming an author. Having an author’s site wouldn’t be the only proof of your commitment, but I expect it’s a good indicator. If you’ve put in time, effort, and some money into your project, it means you’ve made an investment and are willing to commit.

That said, I would be careful not to create your site too soon. I created mine now to give it some time to build before any potential agents and publishers are likely to see it, but I only just created it recently because I knew my writing project was slowly reaching the end.

Also keep in mind that your author’s site is for potential future readers too, so its construction needs to keep that in mind.

Home Page

Blog Post Tagline-Menu

I will say that my home page originally described my current projects, but it felt too brazen and even a bit clunky. So I put that page elsewhere and started over. But what to write on the home page? I thought back to my blog, and how one of the things I focus on in my posts is how to make the content of a novel better. I thought about how I loved creating worlds and making unique characters to go on this journey.

And those things obviously aren’t just why I have a blog. They’re why I write, too. I go into book stores now and don’t really like the selection. The only remedy is to write my own books different from the ones already published. My home page became both an explanation for why I loved to write as well as a sort of promise to potential readers, etc., that I want my writing to be different for them.

Novels in Progress

As writers, of course, we’ll someday have a tab simply for published works. Until that day, though, you’ll have to make do with the unpublished project(s) you’re currently working on. There’s no need to write up every half-finished novel you’ve got in your drawer or saved on your computer, of course. I expect the one you’re focused on publishing first is enough.

I hesitate to call its content a “book blurb” because those are nasty little beasts I haven’t yet had to tackle with. But I used this page to describe my book, much as the back cover of a published novel might have. And then I put what stage of writing it is at and my intended deadlines for it so people can keep up to date.


Please don’t ask me what about pages should always have on them. My answer will be “I don’t really know.” This is a beast I have tackled with, but only with some success. The best I can tell you is to put pertinent information on there: things about your writing history, any sort of information that might have an impact on writing deadlines and stuff, etc. Plus cute pictures of pets and/or children if you have them.

Anyway. Really, I just noted my writing inspirations, reiterated what I loved most about the writing process, preferred genres, blogging habits (yes, guys, I told the truth. “Haphazard” was the term I used), and a quick note about short story/poetry writing.

Also, I have a social media area on the footnote section of my page, as well as the contact page. You’re at a point where you want people to be able to reach out to you. It’s a good idea to have them listed on your About page if they don’t sit well in the footnotes.

Weekly Stories

And this is where things get exciting. I thought to myself, “well this is a rather nice-looking website if I may say so myself, but it’s missing something.” It was missing some examples of my writing style.

And of course if you were here on my second-to-last post, published on February 19th, you’ll already be aware of my friend Melissa writing a short story every week. I thought, what the hey. It’ll be difficult, but I’m determined. The past three weeks, I’ve pushed the stories out with some dedication. I’m eager to see where they will take me.

So that’s essentially the major parts of my new pre-published Author Website. A lot of “I’s” were used in this post, but the explanation of my thought process was (hopefully) supposed to help you when you’re ready to take that step, because there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information about it on the web.

Drama Reviews

Twelfth Night

Author: Shakespeare

Rating: 5 stars

Spoilers… I guess?

Where to even start with this? The cross-dressing? The really odd but actually logical love triangle? The identical twins? I will say that it really helps the humor of the play if you don’t take the romance plot-line seriously, because if you do it ends on a really weird note. Anyway, we’ve got the sister dressing up as the supposedly dead brother, only to have the brother come into the story later in the play and there’s this whole funny mixing up of things. There’s an Original Practices production that’s absolutely hilarious (though Viola’s actor makes a really high-pitched voice.)


Author: August Wilson

Rating: 3 stars

I can see why this play would interest a lot of people, but it just did nothing for me. I hated Troy, the main character. I felt no sympathy for him. He’s a terrible father and a pretty shoddy husband. Rose was an excellent character, in my opinion, and I loved that Wilson made her so independent even as she was so focused on being a wife. (Think back to my last post on confident female characters.) It was paced well enough, although the time jumps were a little weird. I don’t know.

Writing Prompt


From writingthelightpublishing.com: “It all ended. Then I woke up. And it all began to end again.”


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