Big News!

Yes, it must be big to warrant a post a mere five days after the last one. Well, you shan’t be disappointed.

It is my birthday today, and as a sort of gift to myself, I finally made an official website to act as a sort of information area for my noveling. In any case, why the new look for The Mad Chronicler? Because I wanted it to match, mostly, to the theme and scheme of my website. (Which, by the way, is… nice and simple.) So yes, you can click on that website and reach the Mad Chronicler through its “Blog” link. Why, ain’t that fancy?

Sorry, guys, I’m terribly excited.

Now, the website isn’t 100% finished yet– I have to type in the information for all of the major pages, and go from there — but it’s definitely a thing you can check out now and keep an eye on in the future.

In other news, as a favor to a good friend of mine, I’d like to just briefly mention a new blog she’s started. The blog’s website is as follows:

She and two others each write short stories once a week, on different days. If that’s something you’re interested in, and something you wish you saw more of on TMC (sorry guys, I seriously would write more short stories and poetry if I had the time, but obviously I have trouble just keeping up with blog posts twice a month), then I’d definitely check them out. Melissa, by the way, is my good friend who has been the one to help encourage me on my writing journey. I shall be forever in her debt.

So yeah, that’s it for this short post. Hope y’all have a good rest of February. Enjoy what nice weather you have (if you’re having it).


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