Imaginatio Malum

A condition of the brain.

Receivers of this illness have a reduced lifespan

And a heightened risk towards addictive tendencies.

Common symptoms include overactive imaginations,

A preference for isolation, and frequent loss of concentration


Many with Imaginatio Malum are believed to be highly unstable.

They draw stories from figures they see in the soap scum

That clings to yellow bathroom walls.

They believe the vomit floating in their toilet bowls

To have been induced by the poison of their mortal enemies.


Symptoms worsen with time.

The sick will waste away in front of

Bright, white, blinking computer screens

As they  wait for a being called “the Muse”

To sate their hungry minds.


If you begin to display such symptoms

Do not delay in seeking medical help.

The more time you spend

Fighting for the attention of your “Muse”

The more you come to love the struggle.



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