Writing prompt: Frozen

This was a Reddit post that was turned into the below Pinterest pin.


Apologies for the image. My computer crashed and so I couldn’t save the actual image to my phone and insert it into the post as per usual. But here’s a text version of the prompt:

“You have the ability to freeze time. When you do, everyone freezes as well. One day, you freeze time, and out the window, you see a girl moving around.”


Alright, so some interesting posts should be cropping up this week, at least. Assuming I have the time to write a blog post (and, with any luck, I shall), I hope to write a flash fiction piece tomorrow that is inspired by the world that my novels are set in.

Friday…I haven’t quite decided what I’ll write about, but it’ll probably have something to do with keeping motivated on your story if you are writing the first in a possible series. (I’ve written a blog post about this before, but this one will be a bit different than the other.)

And today I finished the last few chapters of Agatha Christie’s Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Boy, do I have plenty of things to say about that in Saturday’s book review. So stay tuned in. I’m going to have some fun blogging while I still have the time to do so.


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