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Two relatively young persons sat in a jail cell. One of them, Kara, sat on the floor with her arms crossed over her knees. She looked ready to commit murder. And for good reason. Somehow Kara had gotten caught up with what had to be the most annoying, troublesome person in the whole world.

Lexa had claimed the bed, and was laying in it, whistling some merry tune, as if she wasn’t responsible for them sitting in the cell.

Kara banged the back of her head against the wall, trying to calculate how long it’d be before she lost her sanity.

Lexa stopped whistling, thank God, and pushed herself to a sitting position on the bed. “You shouldn’t do that, you know. Might give yourself a headache.”

“Too late,” Kara said, her eyes closed. “You already gave me one. An hour ago.”

“What?” Lexa said, sounding genuinely hurt. Kara opened her eyes and saw Lexa’s hand on her heart. “You don’t like my singing?”

Kara rolled her eyes. “Singing? Wouldn’t know, but your whistling certainly could use some help. And, considering where we are, some soberness definitely wouldn’t go amiss.”

Lexa shrugged. “Eh. They’ll let us go after a while. My parents will bail us out eventually.”

“If your parents are so rich,” Kara said, her temper rising, “why’d you have to steal those shirts?” She realized she should have pegged Lexa as some rich brat. The other girl wasn’t wearing anything that screamed money, but she had walked around the store like she owned the place.

And then she’d thrown some shirts she hadn’t paid for into Kara’s bag, and the store alarms had gone off, and Lexa had waved at the cameras before sprinting off. Kara had just stood there, frozen, when a nearby police officer stopped her. The officer’s partner had chased down Lexa.

Lexa just shrugged. “I was bored.”

Kara fumed, pushing herself to her feet. She stormed across the cell until she was peering right over Lexa’s face. The other girl didn’t seem bothered by it. “Bored? I’m in a jail cell because of you!”

“And look how fun it is! Look how much fun we’re having!” Lexa said, batting her eyelashes before falling backwards against the wall. It didn’t look like a comfortable position. Kara hoped she got an ache in her neck.

Kara groaned, clutching at her hair. “I’m apparently an accomplice to an idiot.”

“Eh. What I lack in smarts I make up for in sarcasm,” Lexa said, unconcerned.

Kara really wasn’t a violent girl, but Lexa was the kind of person who seemed capable of driving anyone mad. She might’ve started a fistfight, just to shut the other girl up, if an officer hadn’t entered the room with two parents in tow.

Lexa hopped to her feet, and Kara had to scramble back to avoid having her toes stepped on. “Hey mom! Hey dad!”

Lexa’s parents seemed just as done with Lexa as Kara felt. The man with the gray-flecked goatee looked past his daughter, right at Kara. “She dragged you into this, didn’t she?”

Kara nodded, although she was surprised to find that the man actually believed her. The police officers hadn’t.

“Officer, if you wouldn’t mind, let this girl go too. I’ll post her bail.” The man shook his head, and when Lexa flitted out of the cell, he grabbed her arm and whispered fiercely in her ear. Lexa shrugged, and the man let go.

Kara stepped out of the cell, suddenly embarrassed but feeling more than ready to get out of this place…. and hopefully never come back.

“It was nice meeting you!” Lexa said when the four of them got to the parking lot.

Kara rolled her eyes. “I wish I could say the same.”


Alright so first I’ll apologize for another late post. Work and Camp Nano and all that. I hope you found today’s flash fiction piece funny and interesting enough to make up for the skipped post. 🙂

In other news, I have reached my goal for Camp Nano 2016!  I’ll continue to write until the 31st, probably, because I’m not quite finished with the story itself, but even though I didn’t keep the goal of 50,000 words (instead lowering it to a short novella length), I still felt so accomplished when I validated my word count. Two more days of July, guys! Best of luck!


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