To Be a Phoenix in the Sky

Here’s a poem I have wanted to write for quite some time. Over a year ago, a friend of mine wrote a beautiful poem for me. This is me, returning the favor. Thanks for being a great friend, Luis.


He is a phoenix worthy of legends.

His words are crimson and amber and gold feathers,

And when he flies, his wings become living fire.

All things rise and fall, die and are reborn.

Fame is a fickle thing, and yet he waits for his chance to rise.

A fledgling, still learning how to soar the starry skies.

With his words he dreams of future days,

When the light of his feathers will look like a shooting star

Against the black backdrop of night.

With age comes wisdom, and it will stoke

The fire of his words until they are memorized,

Sung off-key in cars by people he’ll never know.

The only thing he fears is a long life, of immortality.

Of an endless repetition of the same old thing.

But before death comes life, and through the power of his words,

He’ll find what it means to truly be alive.


We’re running out of days in July! I can’t believe Camp NaNoWriMo is almost over. I’m a little under 2,500 words shy of reaching my mark, but with six days to go I think I’ve got plenty of time to write it. Best of luck on your writing, guys!


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