Let’s Go Catch Some Starlight

Kyla pressed the back space, hard. With a dark frown, she watched her hard work disappear behind a blinking cursor. Hard work that amounted to nothing but trash, she thought, scowling at the now-blank screen as if it was all the screen’s fault. One of these days, it would all make sense. One of these days, her writing would actually sound good…. like captured starlight.

Kyla smiled, pawing around her desk for a pencil and a scrap of paper. “Simile: like captured starlight”she wrote.

She was in the middle of considering what might make up the other part of the comparison when she heard a knock on her front door. Kyla pushed her chair back, wondering idly if it might be a burglar (a polite one) or a hit-man (who was new at his job) or perhaps some girl scouts who were unknowingly selling poisoned cookies.

Instead, when she let the door swing open a minute later, all she saw was an empty sidewalk. Kyla couldn’t even see any neighbors peaking out through their windows or pushing around a lawnmower. All she could see was a package, sitting silently, ominously, on her steps.

Kyla picked it up, surprised by the weight. With a deftness that even a ballerina couldn’t have matched, she swung around and kicked the door closed. She winced a little at the noise, then moved into her room, setting the box on top of a scattering of papers on her desk.

She cut open the box, imagining what she’d do if it was a bomb — jump for cover, and then go for the fictional gun she had strapped to her waist, using its scope to find whoever had sent the package to her — and was actually marginally disappointed to see that it was nothing more than some clothes she’d bought on Amazon a few days ago.

Kyla chuckled to herself. I need to get out more, she thought.

Her eyes fell on her blank computer screen, and on the scrawled words on a scrap of paper. Some time recently she’d lost her spark. The words didn’t come as naturally anymore, and it was getting harder and harder to convince herself to write. It was all just work now. Maybe she did need a night out. Or perhaps even a night in.

Kyla glided over to her closet, throwing the door open. Hangers screeched across the metal bar as she pushed all her usual outfits to the side. There, in the back, was a simple but elegant light blue dress that she had never gotten a chance to actually wear. Kyla slipped into it, tied a blanket around her shoulders as if she were five again, and then returned to her desk feeling like a queen.

Which was appropriate, considering that was what her character was. Time to put this overactive imagination to good use, she thought.

Her fingers hovered over the keyboard. Let’s go catch some starlight.


My Camp Nano story took a turn for the better today. It’s always so thrilling, when you’re getting to that point where it just feels kind of eh and then you realize a way to make it a bit better… Anyway, after writing a little over a thousand words today, I’m now at 12,438 of 17,500 words. I hope your projects, if you’re participating, are going similarly well.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Catch Some Starlight

  1. Great piece! I’m very intrigued by Kyla’s character. I want to know more about the way she thinks–why does her imagination hover around (comically) dangerous and life-threatening scenarios?? Again, I really enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked it, Nick!
      As for Kyla’s character, well… picturing dangerous and life-threatening scenarios is just a side effect of an overactive imagination, I suppose lol!

      Liked by 1 person

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