The Everdoor

For today’s flash fiction piece, I’m using an image prompt, one that I’ve had saved to my Pinterest board for quite a while now. The image, of course, is not mine, and I’m only using it to show where the inspiration came from. The link to the original image can be found by clicking on the words in the caption under the picture.


“The Secret Door”by ArwensGrace on DeviantArt

The door… the door called to her. It practically sang. Perhaps it was merely the wings of the butterflies fluttering overhead. Aleah didn’t know, and didn’t care.

How many times had she heard her Nan whisper stories about the faerie world? “To those with open minds, the Everdoor appears, young Aleah.”

“Where does the Everdoor lead, Nan?” She remembered asking, sitting on Nan’s lap, looking at the wrinkles around her grandmother’s vibrant green eyes. She remembered the chill she got when her grandmother replied:

“A whole different world, Aleah. One filled with magic.

But she never, not in a million years, imagined that it might appear before her.

She stepped softly, afraid that it might vanish like a spooked deer if she moved too fast or was too loud. The soft crinkle of long-dead leaves and the murmur of wind through the ferns only added to the magic. To the song.

Up one step, and then another, and then she reached out. The metal was cool against her hand. It did not creak as she pushed. And then the door opened, and for a moment Aleah could not breathe.

It was like all her life she’d been living in a world made of black and white, and only now was she seeing true color. The green of the trees and ferns were rich and vibrant. The silver wings of the butterflies shimmered. Even the brown had a depth she never could have dreamed of. It was a world steeped in magic.

And yet Aleah still hesitated at the door, looking back at the world she’d known. What strange secrets would she unlock here? What odd dangers might she face? Nan’s stories had not been all mystery and wonder. There were monsters on both sides of the Everdoor, but these ones would have magic.

Perhaps the more important question, Aleah decided as a glowing silver butterfly came to rest on her arm, was whether she was afraid of the unknown, and whether that fear would stop her.

Her mind had doubts but her heart had already decided. It already tugged away. Aleah took another step away from the door, and didn’t even jump when it swung shut.

“To those with open minds, the Everdoor appears, young Aleah.” Her Nan had said. “Open minds and courageous hearts.”


For my Camp NaNoWriMo friends, we’re very nearly halfway through the month. Keep steady, and don’t give up. My total word count is 8,877 out of 17,500. I hope you guys are keeping up with your word counts as well. Best of luck! 🙂



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