Blinded by Tech

So it isn’t Tuesday, but I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I couldn’t post. But I figured I would go ahead and post a poem today anyway.


Turn around.

Look at the world that surrounds you

Listen to the wind humming through tree branches,

To metal machines slicing through the air.

The world is so alive and we do not often see it.


Look up.

Find shapes in the clouds,

Draw constellations in the stars,

And, if you’re lucky, point to meteors in the sky.

Do not get stuck only with what is before you.


Reach out.

Seek out the people that know you so well.

Do not get caught behind a blinding screen,

For the screen is only one small part

Of this complex world.


The computer screen was supposed to connect

And yet never have we been so far apart.

The internet was supposed to educate

Yet now we rely too much on false information,

And ignore that which used to be enough.


I didn’t write my Camp NaNo project at all yesterday, but I got caught up not too long ago. Now my word count is 8,176.


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