Writing Prompt: Mash-Up

Happy Wednesdays, folks! Last week I said I was going to do the writing prompts a little differently. No one responded to last week, but that’s okay; it was a bit of a tough prompt. This week I’m going to give you three different settings and three different characters, and all you have to do is pick one (or more if you so choose) setting and character, and use it as a prompt to respond to in the comments below.

Once again, next week I’ll choose my favorite responses here and put the links to your blog on my post so others can see if they might be interested in more of your content.

So, here goes:


  • A train car with plush red seats and smoke stains on the wall.
  • On a darkly lit street, at night, in the nice part of town. There are some terrible noises coming from a few streets down.
  • An empty castle full of cobwebs. There’s a fresh loaf of bread sitting on a table in the center of the building.


  • A short, fierce girl with a penchant for knife-fighting and a love for trouble.
  • A chestnut centaur who is not where he is supposed to be, and who doesn’t recognize his surroundings.
  • A self-conscious, three-legged princess who hides the extra under her dress.


If you’re doing Camp NaNoWriMo, how is your project coming along? Are you keeping up with your word count goals? Here’s a screenshot of how I’ve been doing:

Camp Nanowrimo 7-6


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