Writing Prompt #13: Terrible Mind

Happy Wednesday, folks! You know how this goes. I’ve got a prompt below, and you can respond to it however you like in the comments. The source for today’s prompt is www.mamakatslosinit.com.   Keep reading below for my own response. Today I’m doing poetry.


Your life is filled with chatter

Words do not flow easily from your lips

And so they flow easily from your fingertips.

In that quiet place, your mind fills itself

With observation and thought.


Your desk is a clutter of half-finished poems;

Your trash bin, a haven for unformed thoughts;

Your nightstand, a promise of untold adventures.


Tears will fall unbidden as you read,

Because it is life you crave, but life you fear.

No one knows better than you

The danger of adventure.


If there’s one lesson you’ve learned

From your books and observations,

It’s that good things don’t usually last forever,

Not everyone gets their happy endings,

And not everyone gets a chance to save the world.


So you bring out your pen,

And construct your own version of reality.

In an attempt to understand life’s meaning

You take on a quest of your own.


In truth, you only write beautifully

To make it easier to take the horrible truths.

You may believe that the world is inherently good,

But where there are heroes, there are always villains too.


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