Writing Prompt #12: Tangible

Alrighty, folks. Today’s writing prompt is different from our usual strand. Instead of a prompt with words, I’m giving you a picture, and you can explain what’s going on in the scene. The source of the picture can be found by clicking on the link in the caption.

Image source: Parasidiac Pictures on DeviantArt

The cold water rushed around her, air bubbles running across her skin. As they rushed towards the surface, they almost looked like wings.

Below her rested a city suspended in the water. Buildings, thousands of them, with black roofs that looked almost blue in the light. Far below, on the darkly-paved streets, walked millions of people. They did not look up. They did not see her as she drifted slowly towards the rooftops.

The spire of a cathedral loomed below her. With outstretched arms, she grasped the spire firmly between her fingers, and used it to propel her down. And still no one looked up.

Her heart was beginning to beat thunderously. She needed oxygen. She needed to breathe. But she did not dart towards the surface. No, she continued her slow descent downwards, now using the ledges of windowsills as her stepping stones. She was almost there. She was almost to the street.

So many people passed her by. They did not see the girl crawling down the building, holding her breath. They did not see her pause and look at them regretfully. They did not know how she envied them, and how she wished to know what their lives were like below the surface. They did not know how her mind was screaming for oxygen, nor how reluctant she was to let this sight go.

Her finger was a mere inch away from the surface of the pavement when her brain demanded that enough was enough. She found herself shooting to the surface, much too fast. And then her head was above water. Her heart was pounding, and she breathed in the air hungrily. But it wasn’t enough.

She sucked in a breath, and dove back under. But, where the underwater city had once been, there was now only water.

It didn’t matter that she’d paused. It didn’t matter that she’d stopped to look at the people passing by on the streets. She wouldn’t have made it to the bottom, anyway. She never did.


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