The Draft is Finished; Time for the Home Stretch

Good news, folks! Dire Fate, draft 4, is officially complete! It has been for about two weeks now, if I’m being completely honest, but I didn’t have time to write a blog post about it because practically right after it was finished, I was packing up to go spend the week with family.


I bought this beautiful wolf necklace from Le Animale as a present to myself for finally finishing the draft.

And man was it intense. I think I actually wrote almost a third of the novel in a mere two weeks. I’d promised my friends to have the draft finished by the end of April, so they could read it over summer break, so when May 1st came around, I was trying to get it finished quickly. (While still writing well, of course.) Anyway, knowing that I can write five thousand words a day is pretty sweet, but it’s not something I’d suggest doing long-term.

But it is finished, and I currently have five beta readers looking it over, so hopefully they’ll all give me some good comments. So far, I’ve gotten good overall feedback, with plenty of helpful suggestions. In about a month,  I intend to pick up the draft and do some editing as well.

In the meantime, I’ve got my hands full finalizing character backgrounds, planning ahead for the sequels… all that good stuff. I also have a surprise tucked up my sleeve, for those of you who have displayed interest in my little fantasy world, but it’ll unfortunately have to remain in said sleeve until I know a bit more about the technicalities.

That’s really all I have for today, at least in terms of my own work, but I do have a request for you guys. My To Be Read list is getting a little low, so you’ve read any good books lately, I’d love to hear about them in the comments. My preference is definitely in the fantasy and dystopian sci-fi genre, but I’ll take any suggestions you have (exception being horror novels; those, I’m afraid, I can’t read). Bonus points for steampunk novels, if you know of any.


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