Writing Prompt #10

Hello everyone! This week’s prompt can be found below. Feel free to respond as well, either in a poem or short story or whatever else you’d prefer, in the comments below! 🙂

Image source: lunapic.com

Villain Wearing a Hero’s Mask

Once we were ordinary men.

Set on a path we did not choose,

Given choices we could not make.

The entire world rested on our shoulders;

What else could we do but make the best

Of two horrible choices?

And we made them, and the world was saved.


Once we were heroes,

And the world saw us as its savior.

They knew nothing of what we did,

Of the choices we had to make,

Of the weight of it all.

They only saw us as the people who saved them,

And they did not want to know the rest.


Now the world knows and they see us for what we are

Monsters. Villains. Men who made the wrong choice.

Even now, they do not know the full story,

But we don’t want them to.

Saving the world comes at a price

And we pay for it by living with the choices that we made.


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