Enter the Fantasy World of Fencoria

There is nothing more glorious than sitting down at your desk and belting out several thousand words over the course of a single day. With my spring semester finally over, I’ve got whole hours to just sit and work on what I’ve had to neglect over the past few months. Though I wasn’t able to finish my novel at the end of April as I’d hoped, I intend to finish the remaining 15,000 words or so by the end of next week.

I’ve got a list of beta readers ready to take their first look at something I’ve kept to my self for the past two years or so. Am I nervous? Yes. But even though this novel’s definitely had its fair share of hiccups, I’m also thrilled. The climax is shaping up to be pretty intense.

Normally, I’m pretty scanty on the details when it comes to my novel because I walked into this story idea with no plan whatsoever. So for the past two or so years, I’ve been revising the plot again and again, making some pretty major changes. But major plot changes aren’t really much of an issue at this point, so allow me to tell you what this book is about.

Dire Fate is the first in a six-book chronicle series (the series being titled Daiyer Wolf Chronicles), and is set in a world complete with humans (obviously), dragons, magic-wielding Fay, and a race of human/wolf shapechangers that we call daiyer wolves. The premise is that several generations ago, dragons first came to this land, known as Fencoria. Humanity naturally finds itself unequipped for such a threat, and as the Fay magic isn’t capable of harming the dragon, the magic-wielding Fay do the next best thing: they create a race known as the daiyer wolves. The first pack manages to kill the first dragon, but more dragons follow.

Roughly forty years later, however, humanity has turned against the daiyer wolves. After several instances of violence between daiyer wolves and humans, the two races have become bitter enemies. Main character Petros Vomir hates daiyer wolves just as much as the next man, but after his brother was killed, Petros does what most people in his situation wouldn’t have done: he learns how to fight back. He spends the next four years protecting humanity from the senseless violence of daiyer wolves.

Until one winter he comes home, and discovers a daiyer wolf pack has taken up residence nearby. In his haste to protect his home, however, he lets himself get caught off-guard by a bear. A fight ensues – one he would have lost, if a daiyer wolf hadn’t intervened. With this life-debt now owed to his most bitter enemy, Petros struggles with the idea that maybe not all daiyer wolves are bad… an idea made more difficult when Fate intervenes, sending along the very daiyer wolf who killed Petros’s brother. Only now, the daiyer wolf has a vendetta against the wolf-killing Petros. Petros’s village and the daiyer wolf pack attempt a truce of sorts, but with neither side trusting the other, almost all assume that the truce is destined to fail.

Naturally, the story considers how damaging the idea of vengeance can be, but it also focuses on the idea of prejudice and the fear that can rise up against a group of people due to ignorance. And, with two main characters who no longer have any blood relations by their side, Dire Fate also attempts to define what family really means, and how far we would go for those we love.


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