Poem #12: Elements

IMAGE SOURCE: aaanything.net

I. Fire

Impassioned heat flickering hungrily

Feasting, devouring, burning.

Beautiful light casting tall shadows

Beautiful heat caressing skin.

A reminder of what it means to be alive.


II. Water

Crest and fall, crashing against the shore

Rolling down window panes, dripping from high places.

Cool and composed, yet a tempest when angered

It is this, the unexpected

That terrifies.


III. Air

Lightweight and unseen,

Yet it has the power to reduce even mountains

To the smallest of pebbles.

It is often the unexpected threats

That are capable of the most damage.


IV. Earth

Steady and stubborn, immovable.

The only ones who make it in this world

Are the ones who know to dig in their roots deep.

It is only with a firm grasp of the earth

That one can grow into a mighty oak.


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