April 4, 2016

Just Another Love Poem


Like glass fractured by a speeding bullet,

The remnants rain down,

And it’s almost breathtakingly beautiful

Until you feel the shards lodging in your chest.


They say a heart that’s been broken

Emerges from that heartbreak stronger.

As if the hastily-applied Elmer’s Glue and wads of tape

Could possibly make this broken thing better…

Make it stronger.


And as you sit down again with the tape and the glue,

In a world that swears

Everyone gets their happy endings,

You have to ask

Just how long are you expected to wait?


How many times must you fall in and out of love,

How many times must you pull shards out of your chest,

How many times must you glue the pieces back together,

Before you are able to find your Prince Charming?


Sometimes you wonder if it would have been better, easier,

To deal with this

If you hadn’t heard the lie in the happy ending.


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