April 2nd, 2016

With Fire Comes Ash
IMAGE SOURCE: Sandara on Deviant Art


Darling, I never wanted this.


Fire and gold and rebirth in the ashes

A dream.

To live for an eternity,

To start over, to be cleansed by the flames,

To live again as if the mistakes of your past

Cannot come back to haunt you.

And the flame itself, calling



You romanticize me, darling

Who doesn’t want to burn as bright as the stars?

But if this is a dream, it is one sullied by the ash on your wings

The crimson and gold, dull as gunpowder.

Five hundred years of tarnished beauty

Only to end that lifetime by building your own pyre.

And when you step onto that pyre, darling

You step onto it alone.


When you are reborn, you are reborn alone.


Eternal life is not a blessing, darling.

It’s a curse.

Not one death sentence, but a thousand.

The only song you know is that of a death keen,

Because death is all you see and all you know.

Living is nothing when you must live alone.

Darling, to live forever is the dream

But living forever alone is the nightmare.


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