Writing, etc.

Writing, etc.

So let me start out by saying that college is pretty difficult, in relation to free time. For a person who’s used to finishing high school homework with at least an hour or two for doing whatever (writing, reading, Netflix, all of the above), I’m finding that it’s actually kind of hard to get all my work done. Regardless. That’s not important.

The real reason I’m mentioning this is because obviously it impacts the amount of time I have to spend on writing. This is why I’m effectively nine thousand words behind schedule. (Although, that number is a bit misleading because I’m only nine thousand typed words behind schedule. I’ve got several hand-written pages, back and front, that just haven’t been transferred into my computer document.) So that’s a bit frustrating.

It also has an impact on my extracurricular writing. You may not know, but I’ve got a Wattpad account, and have been adding poems and other pieces (or, at least, I’ve been trying to). My Forest Dwindling short poems collection is officially complete, and has been for a few weeks now. I also started a collection of works called Shattered Remnants. And… it’s only got one piece in it. I promise, I’ve been working on finding a good second piece, but I’ve been struggling with Inspiration. Currently, I’m in the middle of a piece that will be addressed to my younger siblings (Shattered Remnants is about relationships of all kinds) which I hope everyone will at least enjoy reading.

What I’m really excited for is a negation piece. I really want to try one. It’s basically a story that goes “Because this didn’t happen, that didn’t happen. And because that didn’t happen, other things didn’t happen either,” but it’s much more eloquent than that. It’s basically a story of what could have happened if what did happen didn’t happen. And while actually hearing a negation piece read (which was how I was introduced to the idea) made for a bit of a confusing experience, I’m fairly certain that reading it would be far, far easier. The only problem is, I want to read other negation pieces to see the best way to structure them, and Google seems to think that Negation is not a type of writing. Perhaps I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking up. If there’s anyone who knows what I’m talking about, and knows of a place where I can read some more of these pieces, I’d be very grateful if that info was put in the comments below.

And, finally, I’m thinking of starting up a second story and posting the chapters on Wattpad. I know, I know, I was just complaining about being spread too thin, and now I want to add on another story? Well, first of all, I have a handful of ideas that I want to choose from, and then I’ll have to solidify those ideas and map out some of the major plot points (although the minor ones, I’ll probably leave out for exploration). So it might be a little while, at the very least. And, yes, it might be an every-other-week-posting type thing, where I basically only type on the weekends. But I want to write something for you guys to read, beyond short stories and poetry, because while those things take effort, it’s not the same as writing an entire novel.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’d love to hear about your projects (if you have any, whether they are novels, short stories, poems, etc), or what books you’re reading (if you’re reading any). If, by some chance, you have a Wattpad account and post stories and things, I’d love to look into it if you just leave the info in the comments. Ciao!


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