Writing Prompt 2

This week is a bit of an interesting prompt. I look forward to hearing your awesome responses to the prompt in the comments below! UPDATE: This prompt in particular, I got from promptuarium.wordpress.com. The link for this particular prompt can be found by clicking on the HERE below the picture.

Week 2
Source found HERE

Hallie crept along the dim alley, following the echo of footsteps that reverberated back from the man… the thing… she was following. She checked her watch, a special watch that displayed an hour that most people knew nothing about. Most people couldn’t enter  a realm with twenty-five hours instead of twenty-four.

Thirteen minutes. That’s how long she had to kill the little beastie.

She slid from behind a dented silver trash can, and ducked behind a brick building, pausing just long enough to look at the man she was trailing. He had a long, slim green tail – the only indication that he was not human. Well, that and the fact that he was out during the Dark Hour. Most things that roamed the streets at this time of night were far from human.

Hallie peeked out from behind the building, and was startled to see that the man had disappeared.

“Little human girl shouldn’t be out so late at night,” said a gravelly voice behind her.

Hallie jumped, spinning around. A knife slid from her shirt sleeve and down into her palm. The man with silver cat eyes looked her up and down. From behind him, his green tail twitched in anticipation.

“Never know what might happen. What’ll her poor parents think when their little human girl disappears from their realm?”

Hallie feigned fear, keeping her knife hidden. But there was nothing little about her. She had learned, quite quickly, that she wasn’t just good at this sort of thing; she was made for it.

“Do you know, little human girl, what happens when you die during the Dark Hour? Your body disintegrates into ash. The body doesn’t know what  realm to leave the body in, so it just poofs. Poof.” He grinned evilly. “Little human girl isn’t meant to live in my world.”

Hallie dropped her pretense. “Yeah, well, little demon boy isn’t meant to walk on ours.”

The man became enraged, but she was on him like a wildcat. She slashed her knife back and forth, keeping away from his tail, barbed with poisons. He grabbed her arm, tightly. His forearm  was bleeding, a thin trail of red falling down. “I’m not a demon,” he snapped. “I don’t come from your Hell. I’m a -”

Then he tumbled backwards as she jammed her knee into his gut. With a quick flash, Hallie slammed the blade into his chest. She knew he wasn’t a demon. She just found it hilarious that they were so touchy about the subject.

Her watch clicked. With a start, Hallie looked down and saw she had ten minutes left. Ten minutes before the Dark Hour ran out, and if she wasn’t home when it did, she’d get stuck here. And the man hadn’t been lying when he said that she wasn’t meant to live in his world.

Hallie spun around, and sped for home, leaving a pile of ash behind her where a body should have been.


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      1. @WhitneyCarter, you’re right, I probably should have. I figured that putting the prompt’s source underneath the picture would be enough, but I can definitely see how that could cause some confusion. I just updated my post to include the link up top.


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