Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

I happen to be one of the small handful of people who legitimately enjoys going to school. It gives me a reason to be social, and I get to learn new things (which I will always take as a plus).

January 11th (this upcoming Monday) marks the first day of my winter semester at college. My second semester of college. Which means, apparently, new teachers, new classes, new friends. The introvert in me was absolutely horrified when I learned that they don’t do year-round classes, they do it per semester. At least, my college does. So I’m going to have to take out my Extrovert Hat and be friendly with absolute strangers. *shudders*

Last semester, I took 4 classes. This semester, I’m taking 5. My sister (who is also a freshman in college) took 5 classes last semester, and was always complaining about her workload. I’ll be honest, I’m a little concerned. I’ll be doing homework for five classes, on top of my usual daily chores, in addition to my daily writing requirement that I’ve given myself to get my fourth draft completed for the end of April. Don’t be fooled: I’m just as serious about meeting my writing requirement as I am about finishing homework (although, yes, if I had to choose, I would do the homework and catch up on my word count later).

Also, as a sidenote… Morning classes. I mean, why? I always prided myself in being the Morning Person of the family. It used to be, yeah I wasn’t pleased with getting up at 6 in the morning for school, but it didn’t really bother me. I wasn’t really tired. I think college is getting to me, because I’m really not looking forward to my 8 o’clock class. And, as a person who insists on getting places with plenty of time to spare, I likely will be getting up at around 6 in the morning, just like I used to.

Upside is, I actually have a three-hour free period between my first class of the day, and my second, both for my Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes, and my Tuesday/Thursday. So I guess I’ll be spending that time in the library, using it as my homework/writing time.

Anyway, to go along with today’s theme of Busy Days Ahead, here’s my second weekly writing tip.

Weekly Writing Tip #2


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