The New Year Has Begun!!

Well, I hardly need to announce it. Unless you’re like Gollum and live in a deep, dark cave with no wi-fi (it was never specified, but I think it’s safe to assume Gollum didn’t have wi-fi), you already know today’s January the First of 2016. Still, it’s thrilling to finally be here, on this date. January 1 is the day I’m going to start the fourth (and, hopefully, final) draft of my novel.The New Year Hath Begun!!

I’m super-excited, because I’m so, so close to finally sending my first book to the publishers. But also super, super terrified. Naturally.

This will be the year that my writing partner and I finalize everything that has to do with our series’ world, and our plans for publishing. This will be the year that I put my sensitivity aside and release my novel out to the world. First to my beta readers, then (hopefully) to an agent or publisher, and then to my readers beyond. Though, as I understand, it will probably still be a while before my book is actually ready for the shelves. I’m not delusional. I know it usually takes awhile before a publisher accepts a manuscript, and even longer for them to actually get it distributed.

Just one last thing: as I said in my last post, I’m trying to use Pinterest more. I’ve been trying to pin things to my current boards at least once every two or three days. Most of that stuff is just repinning, but I’ve discovered this website called Canva, where you can throw together things like the image below. It’s mostly free. (I mean, it’s free, but certain elements cost like a dollar or whatever.) Just thought I’d share that with you guys in case that’s something you’d be interested in.

Anyway, I hope this year will be as fruitful for you as it will (hopefully) be for me.

This year, I’m going to be trying out a weekly writing tip at the end of my posts. So, here’s to the firsts.

Weekly Writing Tip #1


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