A Christmas Special

So it’s officially Christmas. Time to tear open that wrapping paper and squeal in delight from all of the presents and/or money. Normally, we exchange gifts based on age (youngest gets the first present, then the second youngest, etc), but this year I figured it might be better if we changed things up so the youngest person would pick up whichever present they wanted to give to someone else. You know, focusing more on the giving than on the receiving. And my younger siblings took to the idea surprisingly well. What are your family Christmas traditions? It’s interesting to see the differences, based on a family’s background and their physical place in the world. Even more interesting that you can have a single tradition, and have so many different variations in it. Which is something you may want to keep in mind if you ever have to draw up a culture for your writing.

Happy Holidays!(1)

Anyway, I’ve made two discoveries this past week.

The first actually isn’t a discovery; I’ve already known this little fact, I just didn’t really know what to do with it. My younger sister, who’s ten-going-on-eleven, is aspiring to be a writer like her older sister. Most of what she writes is based off of other stories, which I suppose is only to be expected from a 10 year old. She does understand that these stories can’t really be published (I’m not sure about technicalities, but I know at the very least it’d be frowned upon). However, she has a few of her own original ideas that she’s writing too.

Apparently, like me, she’s good at generating ideas. Unlike me, she’s actually able to delegate her time between different stories.

Anyway, we got to talking about writing, and she was asking me for advice on writing and stuff. I never claimed to be an expert, but I helped her where I could. It was an enjoyable experience. So my first discovery was that I loved teaching what I knew. Once I knew exactly what to focus on, it was almost easy for me to explain a concept, an idea, do’s-and-don’ts, and so on. This was something that I tried doing on my old blog, but I always struggled with knowing exactly what to write. After all, I’m unpublished, and while I may have been writing for most of my life, you’ll likely find far better advice out there.

So in this blog, I’ve always tried to impart some knowledge in most of my posts, or some encouragement, that you could use in your own writing, but I didn’t try to do anything like “____ Things to do to Write a Stellar Novel” or “X Things You’re Doing Wrong as a Writer” or whatever. I still don’t intend to do those things, but if I ever feel inspired to write down some advice on my blog, I will be more willing to do that in the future.

My second discovery was Pinterest. For the longest time, as I did my research on author platforms, I kept seeing Pinterest popping up. It was something I was interested in using, but as a fiction writer, I was really confused as to how I could actually use this social media to my advantage. I found two links to be incredibly helpful in explaining how Pinterest could be used. I skimmed through most of them, admittedly, but it was enough to get me going. These are the two links.

So I’m going to be experimenting with Pinterest. I intend to at least start off with boards with novel writing tips, publishing tips, books to read, a peek into my personal life, and possibly a sort of sneak preview into the world of my book. You can click on the Pinterest button in the footer to view my boards, or you can click this link: https://www.pinterest.com/katiebachelder/

In any case, once again, I hope you all have a happy holiday!


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