My December Pledges

(I will be adding a picture to this post as soon as I get my new fancy notebook for goal #3)

We are now officially in the last month of the year, and it feels as if time has flown right on by.

With NaNoWriMo officially over, November’s total word count clocked in at an impressive 45k words. Next year, I have every intention of reaching that goal of 50k, but for now, 45,000 words is good enough for me.

Now I’d like to set myself some goals for this month.

Because I started writing my novel a few weeks before NaNoWriMo officially started, I currently have about 59,000 words in my novel, total. My goal is to hit about 95,000, and my first pledge is to have it done by December 31. So I’m giving myself a modest writing goal of 1.2k words per day.

Why? I want to have draft 1 of Book 2 finished before I start revising Book 1. It’d just be too hectic, working on two stories at once. (Trust me, I should know, I’ve done it before. Some people can get it to work, but not me.)

My second goal is to have Book 1 draft 3 reviewed and noted by the end of December. I’ll be taking it five pages per day, which shouldn’t be much of a problem because my reading wpm rate is crazy high. I intend to use yWriter to split my novel into scenes, which should make the revision easier, but that probably won’t be done until later.

Why? Of course I need to review the draft to know what’s wrong with it, so I can make the proper adjustments. It is my sincerest hope (and goal) to have Book 1 ready to be sent to agents/publishers/what-have-you before next year is over. I’ve decided I want to finish the final draft before April is over, which means that I need to review draft 3 as soon as possible in order to prepare for that final rewrite.

My third, and final, goal for December is to get myself a writing notebook, and dedicate it to writing five different descriptions every day. Sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch. Bonus points for doing all five. I also want to get in the habit of describing two people in this notebook per day, so if I don’t know how to describe a character (which, incidentally, happens quite often), I can refer back to this. Specific hair colors, nose shapes, sizes, build, etc, etc.

Why? Well, as I’ve already sort of mentioned, it’s a good source for descriptions when I feel like I’m lacking. I’ve always had more difficulty describing the scene rather than the action, and I’ve always had trouble trying to decide how much description I can add in a scene before it becomes a scene-description-dump. I’m hoping, at the very least, that this will also help me be more aware of my surroundings, to start thinking, “Well, what is the first thing I notice when I walk into a place?”

Do you, fellow writers, have any goals for this month?


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