Some Wise Words from Kristen Cashore

Bitterblue cover

NaNoWriMo starts today! Here’s a quote, a little something extra, to give you the motivation you need, either today or in the coming weeks.

The quote is from the an excerpt of Kristen Cashore’s blog (called This is My Secret), found as an extra at the end of her novel, Bitterblue:

I imagine my self-doubt/hopelessness/discouragement as this guy who sits next to me in my chair as I’m writing. He’s always there. He is a necessary part of the process; he will never go away; so I may as well invite him to sit in a chair beside me. Sometimes I imagine myself giving him a hug, because he’s so sad and pathetic; he has nothing nice to say to me, he only knows how to insult and discourage; he is, essentially, fear. Poor, sad little guy. I say to him, “You can sit in my company, you can say whatever it is you need to say. I know you can’t help yourself. I know you’re so very scared. So: you are welcome here. But,” I say to him, “you’re not going to stop me from writing today.

I wish you the best of luck.


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